Training camp


Full energy in an protected enviroment

 The more experienced you are the more efficient your training methods need to be in order to mobilise even your last resources. The SportSchule in the SportCentrum Kamen ∙ Kaiserau have all the necessary resources to recognise and target all sorts of reserves.

Traditional training methods and the newest scientific findings, together with an ideal nutrition plan and sufficient possibilities to recuperate all come together here.
The SportCentrum Kamen∙Kaiserau offers a sophisticated and incomparable training camp.

If under the blue sky or indoor:

Our facilities offer the ideal condition in every aspect to develop a perfect training camp.

This is true for all the technical equipment but also as to protect yourself from curious spectators:
If you wish we can assure you not to be disturbed so that you can fully concentrate on your challenges.

This is why we regularly host national teams from all around the world. Please check our references.

Every training camp can be developed individually and targeted towards your own requirements.

That refers to the type of accommodation as well as the combination of training locations and equipment.

The use of seminar rooms in the SportCongressCenter is also possible.

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