Centre for communication

Your event in the SportCentrum Kamen ∙ Kaiserau will certainly be a success!

The geographic location of the SportCentrum Kamen ∙ Kaiserau and its easy accessibility provide the ideal condition for inter-regional and international conferences and events. (We also offer sufficient parking space for you and your clients / colleagues / participants)

Seminars, congresses, press conferences, professional training

Equipped with the most modern event technologies, the SportCongressCenter (also in combination with the sports facilities) is the ideal place for your seminars, events, conferences or professional training.

The rooms can host up to 250 participants and are also available for people from the region itself, who are not solely interested in sports.

Our round table room offers seats for up to 250 people and is only one of many perfectly equipped conference rooms.

Konferenzräume Sportcentrum Kamen Kaiserau

Throughout your events in the SportCongressCenter you can of course utilize all kinds of resources from the SportHotel or the SportSchule. This means that you can also plan and hold multi-day events.

We are happy to help you with the planning of your business events, your next conference or congress. Please contact us now to find out more about the SportCentrum and all your options.

The SportCentrum does not only offer you the wonderful conference rooms but also perfection in service from our competent employees!