Foundation for peak performance

Carsten Jaksch-Nink_Ball_SportHotel

If you want to perform well, you need professional training in a safe environment with highest technical standards, cosy lodging and rooms for all sorts of business communication.
No matter if young rookies, internationally successful professional teams or makers in the background: In the SportCentrum Kamen ∙ Kaiserau you can meet all kinds of people associated with top sports.

The new SportCentrum is also the perfect place for businesses and companies in order to hold meetings and conferences. You can organize meetings with clients or colleagues in a comfortable environment with excellent service. The possibilities in the SportCentrum are nearly limitless. Click on our website to inform yourself about everything we can offer!

The SportCentrum Kamen ∙ Kaiserau, with its Sports School (SportSchule), the SportHotel and the SportCongressCenter, builds on the successes of the traditional “Sportschule Kaiserau”.

Do you want to win? We offer the best basis for it.